American Diabetes Association 60-second Type 2 Risk Test

Take charge and see for yourself If you're at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, there's no better time to turn things around. Millions of American adults have prediabetes, but here’s the kicker: the majority of them don’t even know it. The test you need is right here—it just takes 60 seconds of your time.

Diabetes Education

We offer education and support in all areas of diabetes care and management for all types of diabetes including Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Pre Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. We use the American Association of Diabetes Educators 7- healthy behaviors: healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medication, including insulin, problem solving, healthy coping and reducing risks.

Meet Our Wellness Nurse Educator


Kelly is a registered nurse, certified diabetes care & education specialist, and a certified insulin pump trainer. Her background includes full-spectrum nursing care from the inpatient bedside, to primary care, to building and leading programs to improve healthcare.  She has joined 银河彩票计划 as our Wellness Nurse Educator and brings over 35 years of experience in diabetes and education.

Kelly is passionate about educating and supporting people with diabetes and other health issues.  She also has a special interest in disease prevention. Her approach towards promoting these concepts considers a patient as a whole person and takes into account influences from all areas of his or her life.    She looks forward to collaborating with patients in their care to work towards meeting their goals.


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